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Microsoft’s army assembled by its’ leader starts marching – the battle of the titans begins November 3, 2005

Posted by John in Technology.

Right now Bill Gates is probably sitting on a boat in the sun with friends while he reflects on what has happened and is happening.  He just stood up after at least a year of battle planning and told an assembled group (including his army of employees) to attack.  They are moving again.  This is Bill’s last stand.  At 50 years old this could be his last fight at the helm.  

Expect to see the next two years be a battle of the titans.  Main event: Google verses Microsoft; Yahoo, Ebay, Apple, Amazon all will swing a heavy axe as well.  As a growing startup I can only build my business with this in mind.  My business strategy is clear stay out of the way of the ax.   This should be a fun two-three years.

So much to digest on the “Week of Microsoft” but one thing is for sure – they are marching!  What’s great is that after reading all the coverage is that I felt like I was listening to all my guest on PodTech InfoTalk.  It looks like Microsoft has the right roadmap.  The question is will they make headway in a new world where the customers, developers, and partners are new and agnostic to Microsoft’s ‘old way’ of using software.


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