Web 2.0 meets PR 2.0 – New School PR

New School PR & Thinking Like a Media Network – This is a very insightful post

PR 1.0 (old school PR) was all about pushing content out to get attention.  Press releases, case studies, white papers, VNRs, even media pitches (arguably), were all good examples of push PR content.  It was a one-way broadcast for sharing your message.  And for a while it worked, and to some extent it still does, but not nearly as well anymore.

PR 2.0 (new school PR) is all about pulling attention in using content (and herein rests a huge new opportunity for PR business).  Technologies like RSS are enabling PR programs in big new ways to pull attention in – the trick is making sure our clients have compelling enough content to hold it.

This model can work for PR programs too, it just requires taking some 1.0 tactics and putting it in a 2.0 context and thinking like a media network – always keeping in mind that good content gets good attention and bad content gets ignored.

For example, case studies and white papers could have a second life (in this PR network model) in the form of dedicated podcast channels.  Likewise, glossy product one sheets could become screencasts, executive bylines could become videocasts, product support materials could become wikis, press materials could become syndicated blog posts, etc., etc., etc.

It’s about taking what’s worked in the past, remixing it a bit and using new distribution models (and a variety of new technologies) to give people a choice of how they want to consume it and really where they want put their attention on your PR network

This guy gets it.  Nice post.


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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