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Google base – Another assault by Google November 16, 2005

Posted by John in Technology.

Google is just pumping away.  Launching another product Google Base  – Google’s blog has the details.

My take:  this is going to cause ripple effects throughout the industry not just small startups like PodTech but the big guns like Yahoo, MSN, and others.  Google is going for the positoin of being the “hard disk” and web service in the cloud.  All centered around their ‘choke hold’ – Search!  Pretty impressive strategy.   


1. Mashable* - November 16, 2005

Google Base is Full of Crap

Yep, Google Base is chock full of spam links, credit card offers and get rich quick schemes. It’s all pretty predictable really. This isn’t all Google’s fault and it’s great to see them trying out a risky (and perhaps revol…

2. alessi designers wikipedia - July 10, 2016

alessi designers wikipedia

Google base – Another assault by Google | Furrier.org – John Furrier's Personal Blog

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