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Tony Perkin’s Always-On Going Hollywood November 21, 2005

Posted by John in Technology.

Tony Perkin’s is taking Always-On to Hollywood.  Watch out Hollywood. 

OnHollywood is where cutting edge technology from the backstreets of Silicon Valley meets Hollywood’s digital media revolution. This two and a half day industry insider event borrows on the “film market” tradition by providing an open environment where 60 top digital entertainment and media entrepreneurs meet the big time studio, telco, and consumer electronics executives. Other keynotes and discussion topics will include:

  • Consumer Generated Media – What’s it Worth?
  • The Wild, Wild West of Digital Rights Management
  • The Impact of Media Convergence
  • Where’s the $$$—New Distribution Models
  • The Mobile Platform Promise
  • Massively Massive Multiplayer Online Games
  • Where is the Ad Money Going
  • Is Your Brand Safe in the Open Media World?
  • In the finest AO tradition, also invited are the top dogs from Yahoo, Disney, Sprint, and other bigger players, who will mix it up with the entrepreneurs, VCs, and talent agents that will be wandering the halls of the Roosevelt and hanging out at the pool party on opening night. 

    Tony will also be honoring the OnHollywood 100, the top emerging technology companies and content producers in the digital entertainment, media, and advertising sectors.


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