Battle of the Titans – Competition is heating up.

John Battelle posts about Google again.  Dave Winer talks about this in detail and compares them to Netscape.  It is also mentioned by Dave and others that Yahoo is banging out one success after another.  Yahoo is competing very well against Google and it’s my impression that Yahoo sees this as a long fight and is gearing up nicely around RSS.  I posted that RSS is as disruptive as TCP/IP (and of course http://).

Google is focused on Microsoft so much but they better watch out for Yahoo.  As the famous General Colin Powell used to say “wars are lost when you have too many theaters”.  That sums it up for Google.  My advice to Google: “one theater”

Discussion on tech.memeorandum

Update:  After getting some great email on this post – I have to clarify.  To me TCP/IP was more disruptive than http://.  That being said the three major shifts in history (from an infrastructure enablement perspective):  1) TCP/IP,  2) HTTP, and 3) RSS

Also a relate post on the War of the Web2.0 Worlds


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