Yahoo RSS Launch Event Tonight in SF

Yahoo has a nice event tonight in SF with a group of media including bloggers and PodTech.  I recorded another exclusive podcast release with Yahoo.  It was nice to hear the Yahoo execs talk with and engage the community of bloggers.  I think the proudest guy in the room was Dave Winer.  It must be a nice feeling that all that hard work driving blogging and RSS and seeing it come mainstream.  Congrats Dave.  Also Steve Gilmor, Mike Arrington, and Om Malik were there. 

What impressed me was that Geoff Ralston Yahoo’s Chief Product Officer actually agreed with me and said that RSS is alot like what TCP/IP was like during the network topology wars.  I’ve been saying this for some time.  I remember people dismissing TCP/IP way back when…well look what happened there.  RSS will have the same kind of broad disruptive impact.  RSS will cut across all aspects of media consumption just as TCP/IP cut across all aspects of computing. 

Here are some links to the PodTech Yahoo Exclusive RSS Announcement:

Scott Gatz who I interviewed today has a post on his personal blogCharlene Li has a post as well.  Silicon Beat’s Mike B is on the beat with a linkOn Digg as well.  On Gaming and Tech a cool blog on gaming and technology. Jeff Clavier has some candid feedback and a link.  Om Malik links to it. 


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

2 thoughts on “Yahoo RSS Launch Event Tonight in SF”

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