WikiGate and Dave’s Ownership in PodShow?

Yesterday was an interesting day for Adam and PodShow.  First of all I’m a big fan of the PodShow guys and their plans.  But Adam being called out for the “WikiGate” and then Dave Winer’s bomb yesterday was interesting. 

Dave wrote:  “it became clear that not only was Adam going to (try to) take all the credit, but he was going to take all the money too. Fact is, it’s almost a year later, and he’s never settled the account. I put a lot of creativity, time and money into building his business, and his (and Kleiner’s) position seems to be Thanks for nothing.”…” had a long phone talk with Randy Komisar, a Kleiner partner, before they put the money into Podshow. I was very clear that the work that Adam and I did was a partnership, and our deal was a 50-50 split. They never bought me out of that deal and I never heard from any of their lawyers asking what I wanted for it. At some point it was going to come out, and I guess this is that point. It doesn’t make any sense to me that Kleiner would have invested without this being cleaned up, but there you have it, it happened. Now what?  “

Dave is basically asserting that he has intellectual property rights in PodShow’s IP AND that he and Adam had a verbal agreement of a 50/50 partnership.


Eric Rice posts link collaboration with many people circa 2002.  Ok lets just come to terms with this.  Adam didn’t create podcasting.  It was a community of people.  Some players (Dave, Adam, Doug Kaye, Eric Rice et al) took more leading roles in getting critical mass.  Everyone please shake hands and move forward. 


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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