I guess money makes you an authority

Jason Calcannis says about Jeff Jarvis:  “I’m so tired of Jeff Jarvis claiming to be a huge expert on blogging. What has Jeff done to become such a huge expert on bloggging? Sure, he runs a decent personal blog, and has done so for a long time? However, Jeff is tapped as this expert on the business of blogging and he’s never made any money from blogging.”

Jason asserts that to be an expert you have to make money…  So he sold a network to AOL for 25m big deal (i guess from a money standpoint that’s great) but how has that impacted the big picture and changed an industry?  Has he contributed any code to the open source intitiative?  Has he really changed peoples’ lives?  Has Weblogsinc made the world a better place?  Is Weblogsinc leading a group of people (developers & partners) to accomplish something important? 

What defines success and being an expert? 


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

2 thoughts on “I guess money makes you an authority”

  1. “So he sold a network to AOL for 25m big deal ”

    Sounds like you have a case of the green eyed monster here ?

    I would say that creating a network of blogs and selling to a major corporation for 25 million isn’t half bad, certainly impressed me, but perhaps i’m impressed easy. I think success is not easy to quantify, i think it depends on the individual, to me success is doing what i want , when i want, without having to think if can afford it. As for an expert ? well again , you can have 2 ” experts” talk on the same subject and they won’t agree , so i prefer to listen to mentors than experts. I have found through my life that experts tend to be in colleges etc, passing on their ” expertise” I am of the opinion that those that can , do, and those that can’t , teach, i am far more impressed by someone who gets off his ass and creates something, than anyone telling me they could do it better, or that is wrong with what that person has built. I think Gawker and Win have showed to the world that there is a profitable business model in blogging.

  2. Dave: putting that together and selling it is a great accomplishment. Starting a company is hard and very difficult. Most people truely don’t understand what hard work it takes to do what Jason has done from nothing to his network. Personally he deserves kudos for that. My point is that money is not the only scoreboard of success. It must be my old roots working for world class companies like IBM and HP where money was only one element of success.

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