Ad Revenue is the Name of Game for Microsoft

Windows is still the breadwinner in Redmond, WA. But in terms of growth, ad revenue is the name of the game for Microsoft, especially since many of its initiatives beyond Windows for the PC (like Web TV, set top boxes and mobile phone software) have yet to return big profits. A deal with AOL could help kick start MSN, which hasn’t lived up to expectations.

A fight for AOL with Google.  “It’s going to get bloody” says Laura DiDio in this PodTech News Podcast

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SAN FRANCISCO, December 7, 2005 (PodTech News) – Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says the company is interested in increasing its revenue from Internet advertising sales. The company is competing with Google to complete an advertising partnership deal with AOL. Microsoft says ad sales are one of its fastest growing sources of revenue. The world’s largest software company has invested time and money in many projects from Web TV, set top boxes, cell phone software and video gaming, but its online MSN property is one for which Microsoft has had high expectations. If AOL signs a deal with Microsoft, the Internet service provider is expected to use MSN’s search engine instead of Google’s, which AOL currently employs. But an AOL deal with Google would strengthen the search engine’s dominance. Google is the top Internet business by revenue, Yahoo is 2nd and MSN is third.

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