What Do We Want? More Storage. When Do We Want It?

All through the theatrical showing of The Matrix, some years ago, there was this dude about two rows back who made it no secret that this movie fulfilled his wildest data storage fantasies. But could those futuristic machines conform to Sarbanes-Oxley? Still, The Matrix is helping to stoke demand for more storage–that is, The Matrix and thousands of other movies and millions of songs users will be storing in their PCs, TiVos, Xboxes and digital media centers. But the enterprise side is awesome. Have you checked out storage software lately? Amazing stuff. There are consumer apps that are more complicated.

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SAN FRANCISCO December 12, 2005 (PodTech News) – The storage software market has been on a two-year growth spurt. The research firm IDC says the industry posted its 8th straight quarter of year-over-year double-digit growth.

IDC reports that in the July through September quarter of this year the market grew 10 percent compared to the same period a year ago. Storage software makers, globally, brought in $2.1 billion in the quarter. EMC dominated the market by taking 29.1 percent of all revenue. Symantec — which purchased the storage software maker Veritas — was second with 20 percent.

Data storage has become a much more powerful tool as developers continue to add more functionality to the software that manages it. Where once it was enough to merely banish old data, companies need information to be readily available and usable for litigation, regulatory compliance, and other needs.

Replication has also become important because it allows companies to mirror large amounts of data and have it readily usable, rather than having to run the data through archival software before accessing it. Network Appliance benefited greatly, showing a 42.5 percent revenue jump, based on demand for replication software

Top 5 Vendors, Worldwide Storage Software Revenue, Third Quarter
of 2005

(Revenues are in Millions)

3Q05    Market      3Q04    Market  Revenue Growth
Vendor           Revenue     Share   Revenue     Share       3Q05/3Q04

EMC                 $621      29.1%     $585      30.1%          6.2%
Symantec            $427      20.0%                0.0%          N/A
VERITAS                        0.0%     $394      20.3%          N/A
IBM                 $201       9.4%     $179       9.2%         12.5%
Network Appliance   $148       6.9%     $104       5.4%         42.5%
Hewlett-Packard     $143       6.7%     $139       7.1%          2.8%
Others              $595      27.9%     $541      27.9%         10.0%
All Vendors       $2,135     100.0%   $1,942     100.0%         10.0%

Note: Symantec is reported as the combined entity of Symantec and
VERITAS for 3Q05.

Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Storage Software Tracker, 3Q05,
December 12, 2005



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