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Alexa’s Gets Web 2.0 Transplant December 13, 2005

Posted by John in Technology.

Alexa get a Web 2.0 transplant.  The service is now up and running.  Alexa’s move is a classic ‘dead man walking’ move.  Total game changer because they need to change the game.  Alexa is old and outdated.  This is a Web 2.0 transplant in order to save the dying patient.

Om comments echo this..”Interesting move, but quite understandable. Amazon knows it has little or no chance of being a player in the search game.”

As usual Techcrunch is covering the story as well. 


1. Mashable* - December 13, 2005

Amazon Opens Up Alexa Search API, Revolutionizes Search Overnight

Well, I hate to say I was right. But I was right! Sort of. Amazon is turning its Alexa search engine into a web service. It’s called the Alexa Web Search Platform. John Battelle writes:
Alexa, an Amazon-owned search company started by Br…

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