Intel Touts New Platforms Napa and Viiv

Intel’s development escalator, to use an analogy from Linley Group analyst Joe Byrne, keeps chugging upward. The chip giant has been savvy enough to market the innards at a premium and render the box practically worthless. “Compaq Outside” doesn’t have a good ring. But Intel, having been on TV, wants to be in TV.
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SAN FRANCISCO December 14, 2005 (PodTech News) – Intel says it is planning to launch chip products that use less power in laptops and devices that will help PCs handle digital media. Such capabilities will be enabled, partly, by its new microprocessor technology codenamed “Yonah.”

Analysts say Intel advances its technology based on the end products containing its chips. The popular Centrino platform, which describes a set of wireless Intel technologies used in laptops, is built around the Pentium M chip. Intel is moving toward a new platform called Napa, which will rely on the more powerful Yonah chip and promises to use even less power — 28 percent less.

The company has also had great affection for digital media and has tried to gain a foothold in a few technology market segments with limited success. The company is vying for a piece of the anticipated lucrative digital home entertainment market with a new platform called “Viiv.” Faster and more powerful chips — especially those with multiple cores like Yonah — would enable Viiv-based PCs to better process streaming video and music, and allow Intel to compete against makers of technologies for set-boxes, digital video recorders and game consoles.



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