SAP Social Media Initiative

Jeff Nolan and a small group at SAP are driving the company toward social media.  I met with them yesterday and I am impressed with their vision and mission.  Jeff talks about this new mindset and initiative in his blog today.  Jeff has credibility with bloggers.  Robert Scoble who is a the poster child for how blogging works links to Jeff .  Robert makes a good point about the ‘old school’ not being into blogging.  My feeling is that if a company doesn’t have a blog, podcast, or some form of social media then they will be considered irrevlevent in the mind of the consumer. 

I’m excited that he mentions what PodTech is doing and I’m looking forward to working with Jeff and his team at SAP.  My advice to corporations who see Robert Scobles view is ..”if you don’t want to do blogging now…start with podcasting…”  Podcasting works.  Podcasting speaks the language of bloggers  ..rss, syndication, conversations. 

My advice for corporate strategy in getting into social media:  Look at Jeff’s plan at SAP.  Jump in and do it.  Start somewhere and start now. 


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

2 thoughts on “SAP Social Media Initiative”

  1. I agree that social media is important… it enables, rapid and effective community building… it then enables a closer relationship with your customer, improving customer loyalty and hence repeat business….it is essential toward that end, , but does it really mean that you lose a framework for a discussion with your customers? That a vendor becomes irrelevant? I disagree with this. I think we are at the beginning of this curve and it will be a while before customers consistently and in the majority, demand this type of interaction framework from their value chain.

    My two cents,

  2. Ok I need to comment and clarify to Steve. I agree with you on your point about framework for discussion with customers. My point was more behavioral… for example rewind to 1998 – I remember very well those years – SAP was growing like crazy in the 90s… can you imagine if that in 1995 SAP never registered their domain name and never put up a web site…the web site does all those things that you mention and certainly didn’t replace the framework for how you communicate with customers…it enhanced it… question: why did sap create a web site?

    In in 1998-1999 what would a customer think of SAP if they didn’t have a web site..??? The customer would think that you didn’t care about them to provide information in a format that they prefered to consume in.. by that logic the customer would consider sap irrelevant to them. That is my opinion with social media. It’s the format that the customer are clearly saying that they want to consume in. Companies must dedide if they want to provide information in this format… it’s a no brainer decision to give customers what they are asking for in the format that they want.

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