UC Berkeley RAD Lab Aims to Inspire the Next Revolutionary IT Service

Google and Microsoft (and Sun) execs probably won’t actually cross paths because of their funding of the RAD Lab. The researchers and developers at each company probably don’t hold any grudges (although that could depend on how much stock they own). Refreshingly, the academics at UC Berkeley and Stanford who are overseeing the project say they aren’t interested in creating their own intellectual property. They just want to make the Internet better.

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SAN FRANCISCO December 15, 2005 (PodTech News) – The information technology rivals, Google and Microsoft, are jointly backing a research lab at the University of California at Berkeley. The mission of the RAD Lab is to solve Internet technology problems.

Both Google and Microsoft have become the employers of some of the top computer science graduates from the nation’s universities. The companies, along with Sun Microsystems, will support the project over the next 5 years with donations of $500,000 a year each. The RAD Lab — overseen by UC Berkeley professors and one from Stanford University — seeks 80 percent of its funding from companies and 20 percent from government sources.

RAD stands for Reliable, Adaptive and Distributed Systems. The lab will research issues such as methods to increase the efficiency of data transfer over the Internet, systems to help operators of Internet services solve problems, and tests for system reliability. The project leaders say they envision the RAD Lab’s research to enable one person to invent and run the next revolutionary IT service.


Author: John

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