Apple iTunes Traffic Soars – This is a culture shift. Buckle your seat belts

Ok I have to say. iTunes made my business at PodTech possible.  Today Apple released some data on their traffic to iTunes.  APPLE’S WEB SITES DREW 30.8 million visitors last month.  I think this doesn’t include iTunes client software app.

I am constantly trying to figure out why PodTech has so much traffic.  I blogged about how we don’t have the linkage.  The Web 2.0 workgroup and techcrunch have been shining examples of great linkage.  However PodTech is doing millions and millions of downloads a month.  I won’t talk about the number until I validate it with some data mining engineers, but it’s amazing. 

Apple and now Yahoo is causing a major cultural shift in consumer behavior.  When I ran the product group at Realnames (which had the Internet Keyword solution for Microsoft and search optimization) we always talked about the challenges in changing user behavior.  Well Apple has enabled companies like and a group of professional bloggers and podcasters (Web2.0 Workgroup and others) to be a voice and content source for the world.  A new community is developing.  I’m excited and proud to be working with this group.

Now Apple overnight has changed the world.  Congrats to Steve Jobs.  Again he’s changed the world.  Web 2.0 is real and the iPod and others are enabling it.


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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