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Google Validates Podcasting as Advertising January 17, 2006

Posted by John in Technology.

It is so clear that Radio advertising is going to podcasting.  PodTech has a big need for a version of Adsense for podcasts.  PodTech’s content distribution is 80% from syndication – This is a perfect fit for “PodSense” – whoever builds it I will try it.   No doubt we will see audio players in online advertising solutions like adsense.  I can’t wait.  At CES I did a podcast with the Google Video exec where I asked her if podcasting was next .. she smiled and said “no comment”

PodTech.net podcasts have been so popular that I am now looking at putting short radio ads in my feed.  PodTech remains commited to keeping content “free” to users. 

Google’s announcement validates the ad model for Podcasting.   I’m sure this will be continuing on the memeorandum


1. Altan Alpay - January 20, 2006


I liked the term “PodSense”. We are getting there soon.

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