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OM Goes Daily with “The Daily Om” February 17, 2006

Posted by John in Technology.

OM gets to expand his gigaom.com brand with a new blog called Daily OM. 

Congrats.  PodTech is facing the same decision with creating a new blog site that is separate from PodTech.net the main site for all of our podcast posts.  The PodTech team is now 9 people and a full on news team so we have so much that we can write about.  Look for Comments from the PodTech Gallery to start expanding as a full on blog.  PodTech will be taking our Fresh Voices podcasts to blogging.  

It makes sense to segment your offerings as the audience grows.  Why not my blog has a bigger circulation than some major magazines. Why not have sections (or segmented content areas). 

Good call OM (and Mike with CrunchNotes) 


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