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New Media Model – It’s a Network of Networks Emerging August 6, 2006

Posted by John in Technology.

The world is clearly moving to a “Network of Networks” we’ll all be interconnected in some way and it looks like the smartest technology companies are moving that way.  More on this post on PodTech.net

Feedburner is testing a new concept called Feedburner Network as outlined by Brad Feld, who sits on their board of directors. Brad writes “A FeedBurner Network is a collection of blogs that fit within a particular topic. The goal is to create high quality collections of similar types of publishers. For example, if you are interested in reading Venture Capital bloggers, you currently have to manually poke around to find them.” Fred Wilson another investor has a post talking about it as well. Networks are a key focus for providing some user coherency to the flood of all the new user generated content. What’s interesting about this announcement is that Feedburners primary model is to host a blogs feed and now they are expanding to providing a filtered approach to content aggregration and user consumption. Oh they provide ads too in the feeds.

More on this story here..


1. tom - January 26, 2007

Hi cool site friends!

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