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In a post today the Digg name is being used in a non-Digg site.  This is where Digg needs to be strategic.  Certainly it causes confusion but Shoutblog makes a good point… “But, why not stop there? If Digg is going to go after digggames, why don’t they also go after 80% of the sites on the digg tools list? Sites like Diggdot.us, DiggLicious, and Digg vs Dot would also be ripe for a takedown. At the extreme end, mashups would all be considered illegal, squashing all the creative juices that have made web 2.0 innovative and liberating.”

Digg should do something to differentiate themselves and minimize confusion.  They can find alternative ways like a partnership to lock up loose ends as pointed out by Shoutblog but until then the legal stance is tough to swallow.  I’ll be following this story for sure. I like Digg and I’d hate to see them lose momentum over this. 

More comments here and on techmeme.  I’m surprised that Techcrunch didn’t have Mike Arrington comment on this story since he’s been a lawyer but instead Marshall Kirkpatrick posted an overview.  I’d like to hear Mike Arrington’s take on this.  He always has a good legal tech view on these kinds of things plus he’s a huge Digg fan.

On PodTech.net PodTech News posted a recent podcast interview with Kevin Rose

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