FooCamp is not a Failed Model it’s not a Model

I got comments and many private emails regarding my post calling FooCamp a Failed Model. 

Here is one: “It’s easy for people to throw mud on Tim for being elitist, etc, but it’s worth remembering that he saw a market in publishing manuals for technologies that are now the basis for most of the internet economy, and was way ahead of the curve in this respect. Tim’s company has been publishing ‘missing manuals’ for a long time, long before any of this stuff was “news”. As a consequence of that work, he has a pretty extensive and eclectic rolodex. So his parties are stocked with some interesting and well known people.”

My post was not meant to slam Tim O’Reilly or FooCamp.  After some of the discussions about my post it is clear that it is just his private party that he runs every year.  So it’s not a model of anything other than a private get together.  

The real issue is how people relate this to some tech elite event.  From what I understand there is no policies or standards being developed just a bunch of smart people talking among themselves.  To me it’s a small private (closed) party exclusive not inclusive.

The Growing Blogosphere. 

The larger ‘macro issue’ is the effect of private get togethers in a global blogosphere.  The net is now comprised of a growing blogosphere.  The blogosphere is based upon connections.  A blogosphere without connections is like a city without sidewalks.  Connections create feedback and feedback loops drive the effectiveness of the blogosphere.    Without and openand feedback centric culture the connections and relationships lose the vibrancy and effectiveness. 

The new model is about a new growing ecosystem –  an open feedback centric world – a growing blogopsphere.

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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