Sun in the City- Enterprise Moves – Innovation and Networks

I’m in NYC listening to the announcement from Sun Microsystems from Jonathan Schwartz at Pier 60 at Chelsea Piers.  Jonathan is presenting to a packed house.  The podcasts will be available on soon.  Sun has chosen to launch in NYC to talk directly with Wall Street, media, and key industries.  Sun is saying that they have delivered on innovation over the past few years (post bubble) in core areas such as Sun Fire, netBeans, Java, Salaris, ultrasparc, storagetek, and   Additionally a focus on the intersection between Java and open source.

Nearly 6 million server side license of solaris 10.  Most of which runs on HP, Dell, and Intel hardware.  This points to industry standard adoption.

What’s next for Sun:  systems innovation, partner adoption, security, security and security.  Sun doesn’t want to take the traditional market approach of having isolated business (or silos).  Sun strategy is to create an intersection not silos of business within Sun.  Open source and multiplatform – systems must run multivendor operating systems and software.  Goal is choice for customers.  Intersection with systems, software, services, and storage. 

Sun is getting it’s act together and is reenergized with a renewed vigor under Jonathan Schwartz. 


Identity manager and Java open source features and a key partnership with Accenture.  Don Rippert, Accenture’s Chief Technology Officer, is presenting on their relationship.  Others on stage:  Sun’s Nigel Dessan former employee of StorageTek, customer AIG Bob Steinberg, John Fowler head of the systems group.  MLB’s Justin Shaffer said that traffic doubled this year and did 15 billion pages views and 300 TB of video this past year.  VP of Operations from Gracenote Matthew Leeds talking about the new performance and services.

Thumper that is the new Sun Fire x4500 – mating with large storage with a platform on Solaris.  Tim O’Reilly recently called it a Web 2.0 server at the launch.   Sun customer Joyent’s CEO David Young talks about Thumper.

They are announcing a contest called Thump This.  A user generated video contest that judge the best video of what someone would do with a Thumper.  The win every month gets a server.  Very innovative and great idea…  Taking user generated content to another level.


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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