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TechMeme’s New Revenue Model September 25, 2006

Posted by John in Technology.

Gabe has been talking to everyone over the past 6 months about how to make money on TechMeme.  I know because we’ve talked many times about this program specifically this program. 

I see many more ways that Gabe could leverage this that would benefit users and advertisers.  However this is a great start for Gabe.  Techmeme is one of my favorite sites on the net and I love the layout.  It is designed for high velocity consumption a great alternative to feed readers.  It will be a matter of time before someone develops something similar so Techmeme needs to keep thinking of new ways to create a better user experience.

We see that Jeff Jarvis likes it too.  At PodTech we’ve implemented this on our page for podcasts for about a year and with great success.  Advertisers love it. 

Congrats Gabe and keep on innovating. 


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