Media 2.0 is about Media Consumption

The BBC lays out a nice piece on media 2.0.  vloggies_small.jpgI love the mention of the Vloggies that was founded by PodTech.  BBC says that “The online video boom is starting to eat into TV viewing time, an ICM survey of 2,070 people for the BBC suggests.    At  PodTech we have been building up our video and audio programming platform and this article sums up our opinion very well.  


Media consumption is moving online but not in the way that most broadcast executives think.  For that matter what most net gurus think.   At we’ve been living this and seeing direct results over the past 18 months that show new consumer behavior around media consumption.  You will see new media model emerge and fast following behind it – new advertising techniques.  What has the answer?  No one does right now.  It is evolving fast.   

3 major principles driving media 2.0:   1) search, 2) open source and 3) mashups .  To get a glimpse of the future just look at these three principles.   I really don’t want to pen my entire thoughts out because I have a company to run and build.  However if anyone has any input, comments, and ideas around these new media 2.0 principles just email me at john at podtech dot net.  

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

3 thoughts on “Media 2.0 is about Media Consumption”

  1. I really love the posts that you’ve been writing. It’s great to follow your thoughts as you run podtech. You’ve said it before that Disruption 2.0 is about social media…I think that I see where you’re going with this post. Very good.

  2. John

    Here’s some other encouraging and supporting facts:

    1) In North America the web is the primary communication medium in the workplace

    2) At home, the TV still dominates although it is slowly being etched away by social sites, IM, and the internet as a whole.

    It’s just a matter of time before we see a new child emerge that combines the contextual and relevant content of the web on new devices in the living room.

    Podtech on the family room couch is next 🙂

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