Seagate is a Web 2.0 Brand.

logo_4home_seagate.gifI’m sitting down with the top execs (including CEO Bill Watkins)in San Francisco talking social media and storage.  You can’te believe the new stuff coming out from Seagate over the next few months.  Wait til CES.  I was speaking with their new executive Jim Druckery.  Jim is heading up their consumer business.   Jim used to head up the Gibson audio division.  He was telling me of a ton of new consumer announcements for CES.  Stay tuned.  Jim also was on PodTech’s Marketing Voices show with Jennifer Jones.

Robert Scoble has been talking about Seagate lately and Seagate has been sponsoring the ScobleShow.  Seagate has also been pioneering social media marketing. 

Four years ago Seagate had no revenue growth and over the past three years double revenue growth from 6b to 12b.  Wow.  Seagate is riding the user generated content and web 2.0 wave.

Content explosion helps Seagate.  Nice.  I wonder if PodTech can some of those data center drives.

Storage in the cloud is a big deal for Bill Watkins.  The big issue is pulling that content from the cloud into a multitude of devices. 

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

2 thoughts on “Seagate is a Web 2.0 Brand.”

  1. John

    The storage cloud or web cloud has been an area of great interest to me as well, aside from just pulling the content off the cloud, storage applications will have to be open to share data and APIs, and a standard may need to emerge to categorize content and identify duplications.

  2. John, i am getting lots of interest from CMOs on the Druckery interview. I plan to talk to more heads of marketing in the future. So if you run into any who want to talk about their plans for social media and what they are spending, their look into 2007, send them my way.

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