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Watch Edgieo – Keith Teare Knows Search November 30, 2006

Posted by John in Technology.

Matt Marshal reports on the move by Keith Teare and Edgieo.  I’ve know Keith Teare since 1997 when my company competed with his in the emerging search and keyword area.  I joined Keith at Realnames in 99 to head up the product group (keyword search).   I can tell you that being in the web infrstructure business since 96 Keith knows search and has a unique view on Web 2.0.  I was present at the creation of Edgieo when Kieth first told me about the concept in Palo Alto last year.  Edgeio has gotten alot of initial negative reviews.  Watch where Edgieo goes because there is alot there then meets the eye.  My guess is that you’ll see some pioneering and innovative things in Web 2.0 search.  His latest deal is a tipping his hand a bit.  I’m sure that there is more to come. 

I’ll be watching Keith and Edgeio. 


1. edgeio - the search engine for “stuff” » edgeio acquires assets of Adaptive Real Estate Services - November 30, 2006

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