Entrepreneur Idol™: Skills Competition $2000 per minute for the winner – 60 MBAs in 60 Minutes

PodTech is excited to produce the inaugural Entrepreneur Idol™ contest presented by Charles River Ventures (CRV) kicked off today at Stanford University where the 60 top business school (MBA) students present their ideas in 60 seconds.  The judges from tier 1 venture capitalist firm, Charles River Ventures, and famed
Silicon Valley venture journalist, Matt Marshall are looking for the best presentation and skills.  This competition is a first of a series that looks for and awards the best new entrepreneurial athletes in


Judges include George Zachary, Susan Wu, Bill Tai from Charles River Ventures and Matt Marshall, blogger/journalist from Venturebeat. The contestants are judged on their delivery of the classic elevator pitch – present a business idea in a compelling way in under 60 seconds. It’s not so much the business idea that counts, rather the skills and showmanship of the budding entrepreneur. 


The energy at this first venue, Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, in the student café, is buzzing and dynamic with MBA students in waiting for their turn, all doing their best to articulate their business vision in the clearest, most compelling way. All are nervous, some are bringing props, powerpoint design sketches, and all motivated by a monetary rewards and a chance to get feedback from the “real world” VCs.


This is a second innovative program
Charles River is behind in recent weeks. The firm recently launched QuickStart, a seed funding program, which provides $250,000 loans to emerging entrepreneurs. Here is a video podcast on PodTech with George Zachary with the overview of the program and its benefits to entrepreneurs.


The Entrepreneur Idol™ allows entrepreneurs to ‘show their stuff’ in front of the best venture capitalist in
Silicon Valley.   Check out PodTech.net for the interviews and presentations from the winners.


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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