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Digg Spam – It’s a Milestone and Validation December 5, 2006

Posted by John in Technology.

Call it what you want.  I call it Digg spam.  All emerging successful models develop then spam will show up.  Why is this good news… It’s pure validation to Digg.  Blogs had the same problem and it’s called Splogs (spam blogs).  This is ok because the filters will kick in and the gaming will be reduced.  I’m not worried nor should Digg be.  The best part of this story is the validation of advertisers who want a viral platform to reach users.  At PodTech we’ve been working with over 34 corporate marketers and they want access to a viral platform.  The key to success is credibility, distribution, and conversations. 

My prediction is that we’ll continue to see Digg spam but new filters will weed it out.  Then the conversations and media will be more powerful.  Look for new technology announced by PodTech that changes this.  Users want relevance, trust, and authenticity while producers of media want distribution and conversations.


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