Plug for Pluggd

Matt Marshall has the story about the financing for Pluggd.  I met with the Pluggd team yesterday to get a look at their demo of their technology.  I was impressed them as entrepreneurs and with how well they’ve bootstrapped their business and developed their technology.  What excited me about their story is that they are innovating.  Alot of talk on Web 2.0 has been about new ‘micro apps’ or ajax interfaces but with companies like Pluggd they are developing real technology to provide real value.  Any effort to make the media development and consumption experience simplier and easier is good by me.

Congrats to Pluggd.  Intel Capital has invested with a handful of respected angels. 

Intel led the deal and angels including Scott Oki, former senior vice president for sales, marketing and service at Microsoft and Paul Maritz, former Microsoft group vice president of systems and applications. Other angels include:

–Brian Magierski, CEO of Kalivo, former co-founder/CEO of iMark (acquired by Ariba);
–Fraser Black, technology investor
–Bill Bryant, founder and investor in numerous search-focused startups including Netbot, Medio and Singingfish;
–Alex Alben, former executive at Starwave and RealNetworks;
–Barry Newman, venture partner at NeoCarta, former vice chairman of the technology group at Bear Stearns;
–Mark Klebanoff, former chief financial officer at RealNetworks.


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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