The Real Story is Click Fraud – Changing of the Web 1.0 Guard

The NewYork Times has posted a story about pop ups and the influence on web traffic.  Traffic and conversion are the basis of getting paid in the performance world of online marketing or better known as PPC (pay per click).  Web sites make money today mainly thru the page view model.  Insiders of online media all know page views are dead and now for media the pre-roll has been ‘marked for death’ by industry gurus.   Benjamin G. Edelman, a Harvard doctoral student has been relentless in the past year going after sites that manipulate data.  I personally have been contacted by CEOs of search engine optimization and online advertising agencies saying that Edelman has been riding hard over their data.  Edelman has a point – click fraud is out of control.  Look for more ways to measure online marketing performance. 

All this leads to one main story – the changing of the guard of Web 1.0.  Look for Web 2.0, Media 2.0, or Infrastructure 2.0 to be big stories in the next year

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

3 thoughts on “The Real Story is Click Fraud – Changing of the Web 1.0 Guard”

  1. We’ve got to figure out what really interests people.

    Those old guard ways of measuring match ‘broadcast’ principles.

    They don’t do a great way of measuring how individuals communicate between each other, meaningful discussions, and what happened after that encounter.

  2. I agree that click fraud has now gotten way out of control, hence the reason i refuse to use PPC now and depends on my search engine rankings instead.

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