Mr. No Name Comment from Techcrunch blog

Below is a comment on the Techcrunch blog.  I laughed so hard when this person compared me to Bush and Rumsfeld.  Here is the comment from a noname commenter on Techcrunch comment #24. 

“Your claim that Facebook is worth more than YouTube was challenged by your star podcaster, Robert Scoble, in the blog post you link to.

I’m a fan of Robert Scoble and I check his blog no less than 5 times a day, but I’ve since visited PodTech, your company, a total of 5 times. Allow me to explain why:

#1 I spent the first 3 visits to your site, PodTech, trying to get the Quicktime player to work, and I’m a tech savvy guy. Other people have complained about it too, but did you listen? No.
#2 Scoble’s fans have tried to persuade him and you to switch to Flash player, which even Microsoft has conceded is a better online video delivery platform and is now using for its Soapbox video uploading site. Were you swayed? No.
#3 YouTube is popular for many reasons, one of which is its under-10-minutes short-clip culture. The length of PodTech’s videos is excruciatingly long, for talking heads, which many on Scoble’s blog have criticized. Did the feedback work? No.

I will say this: you got the “chutzpah” to do exactly what you want to do. Bush and Rumsfeld got the “chutzpah” to say “stay the course” all these years, and look what happened. “

Hey No Name: I agree with all your points above.  Whoever you are you should say who you are.  I’m not afraid to admit that I agree with you.  We’ve been doing video for only a few months and we will be changing to make the user experience better.  Flash will be on in a month and the site will change.  The Bush Rummie comment did make me laugh.  PodTech is only 1.5 years old and the Bush Rummie thing is 5 years old.  In 5 years from now I hope that PodTech has little or no traffic on our site.  We are not trying to be a portal …If the net continues to evolve all the traffic will be RSS based. 

Update: Robert Scoble and I are reading techcruch and blogging at the same time.  He blogged about the comment on Techcrunch

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

8 thoughts on “Mr. No Name Comment from Techcrunch blog”

  1. I disagree with #3. Wasn’t the 10 minute limit put in when people were uploading entire episodes of television shows? I think Youtube became popular in spite of that not because of it.

  2. I think it’s funny that he puts his dislikes for PodTech on TechCrunch in a post about FaceBook. People don’t understand in this new world that site like PodTech welcome feedback like this if you only bring it to the right place. I think the guy is high anyway.

  3. Jeff,
    PodTech was dedicate to audio for first year and when we decided to launch into video in June 2006 it was more from a professional perspective. We’ve been listening to the market and we’re going to being introducing new features every quarter. Look for new offerings for corporations and video producers. User generated content includes all users: corporations are users too.

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