Scoble in Google – Getting the Stories

Robert Scoble with Mark Lucovsky at Google.  Robert has been doing a ton of interviews at Google.  Why?  Because Google is hot.  Last week while Bill Gates was schmoozing bloggers  .   Scoble was at Google getting the low down on new developments at Google.  (Update:  Steve Rubel clarifies that questions were not issued in advance.  I deleted that sentence. )  

Robert wonders where is Microsoft?

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

7 thoughts on “Scoble in Google – Getting the Stories”

  1. John, first know that I have the utmost respect for what you and your employees do. I love your shows and subscribe to them all.

    However, this sounds a little like sour grapes to me that you guys were not invited. Now, I have no idea why. But perhaps it’s that Podtech is no longer a “citizen’s media” company. You have a balance sheet and employees and advertisers. That sounds like mainstream media to me. Now Arrington and Om do as well. But there could be difference in how they are perceived.

    Also, the questions for Gates were not submitted in advance.

  2. Steve,
    Thanks for the comment. I will correct the post on the questions in advance comment that I wrote. I understood that was the case from Todd Cochran’s post. My mistake.

    I’m not dissing anything except I was obvious that Scoble wasn’t invited or Mary Jo Foley as well. Both of those bloggers seem to be the most powerful nerve centers with respect to Microsoft. I did not mean to detract from what a great event it was to have bloggers meet with Bill Gates.

    Thanks for the comment

  3. Steve: I find it interesting that you weren’t allowed to record what you were seeing or hearing. Why not?

    I find it interesting that Google is opening up to those of us with video cameras and recording devices.

    But, why bring you guys up and not announce stuff that bloggers would find interesting? Yeah, there was a 3D announcement, but that hit the blogs with a thud.

    I know the reason I wasn’t invited, and it had nothing to do with the perception of PodTech. I’m not willing to discuss that online, though, because it could lead to me not getting invited to more stuff in the future.

    Like you point out, if this was a “citizens’ media” event, then Mike and Om (and others who are compensated for their blogging) shouldn’t have been there either.

  4. Steve: I wonder what is “citizen media” anyway. PodTech is into Social Media, a company that develops and aggregates media – quality media and quality people. Citizen, user, professional, whatever… Not sure what Microsoft’s perception is …they are participating in our CES BlogHaus in January which is a open forum of bloggers to enjoy and work at CES -Seagate is the lead sponsor.

    We are committed to ‘moving the needle’ in this new media paradigm. We are about innovation and innovating. We are not about ‘exploiting’ anything. If there is a topic on innovation I’m there.

  5. Scoble, re. the limitations, honestly, I have no idea either. It was their decision and we abided by it. In terms of why they brought us up there, my feeling was that it was more to learn than to get us blogging. Yes, I am for real here. We gave folks like Dean Hachamovitch an earful. I told him that IE needs an initiative to educate consumers before they push it out to the populous. Blogging was the byproduct, not the immediate intent.

    John, your comment is so, um, 2005! 😉 Now all media is social media. There is virtually no distinction between the two – except one. The WaPo and many newspapers allow comments and all have blogs, many written by readers. The lines are gone. The only differentiator is in separating those who are paid and those who are unpaid.

  6. Social media a buzz word today but the big story has and will continue to be viral production, distribution, and connectedness. Today it is user generated content tomorrow we’ll see more producer generated content (like the vloggies – professional producers). Both are not mutually exclusive but work together. Someone who makes money say techcrunch is now a professional in the ‘producer generated content’ model.. but techcrunch also depends on its viral community (users) or ‘user generated content’ model. believes that content needs to be accessed then pushed out to communities – that is the magic of RSS. Media creates and drives communities plain and simple. Communities consist of users and advertisers love to reach users (and they are targeted).

    On social media it may seem like 2005 but to large corporate marketers it’s more like 2007. How many companies have a VP of Social Media? Do companies budget for social media (or viral) marketing? 2006 was experimentation and 2007 is implmentation and deployment across companies.

    I see PodTech like a media platform for ‘media developers’. Today’s media developers seem more like software developers in the 80s.

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