NeeTeeVee Post on PodTech by Jackson West

Jackson West who writes for Om’s NeeTeeVee site wrote about PodTech after we spoke yesterday.   I think that we should do a show with NeeTeeVee.  They are producing some great content on their blog. 

Jackson highlighted a few good points about PodTech in that we are doing some unconventional things.   To me the big point that he nailed was this notion of what I called a ‘media developer’.  To me today’s media developer (blogger, podcaster, videoblogger/videopodcaster) has the same profile that ‘software developers’ had in the 1980s.  One thing that many noticed during that time is that the companies who dominated harnessed the develop community and treated them right.  Today for PodTech we are targetting media developers.  Our goals are shared with them so that together we can build great content for users.  In today’s media world the developers are key and it is best to stay out of the developer way and let them be creative in figuring out how to generate great content.

He does highlight what he thinks are challenges… Jackson writes “Of course, challenges lie ahead, especially when it comes to competing for eyeballs with broadcast networks and online players like Google, who can pay top dollar for talent. But Furrier isn’t waiting around to see what happens with what-ifs.”

We are not competing with Google and anyone who wants to distribute.  We look at search and online ‘hot spots’ like YouTube as distribution points for our content.  We’ll put our stuff everywhere.  That is our goal. 


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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