What is a Videoblog? This is an important post

On the vlogging list there has been discussion about Amanda Congdon and her new video show on ABC.  Personally  I think that the production value was really good but ABC really missed out on the back end issues that make vlogging what it is. 

There is a post by Mike Meiser (who I never met but know is on the vlogging list) that really nails the importance of vlogging – the conversations and the community in the blogosphere.  He points out the importance of viral linking (he mentions the youtube effect).  This post is a very important post for the new generation of media developers. 

Good job Mike for pointing this out.

Here is Mike Meiser’s post to the vlogging list …

Howdy, I read through pretty much all the posts on new Amanda show on ABC. Who can blame me for not reading them all there were well over 100 all told.

I started this new thread because what I have to say has nothing to do with Amanda or Andrew.  It has to do with the specific details of this new vlog, which Amanda pardon me for saying this it’s nothing personal, is a complete disgrace, completely misses the whole point of vlogging and is pretty much doomed to fail. Above all, it is not a vlog because it simply has NONE, NONE of the conventions of a blog whatsoever, and it’s really quite a shame too because I think we ALL including Andrew on some level want Amanda’s new web based video show to be a success.

My thoughts were to explosive and inflamatory to post here, so I’ve posted them to my blog instead.

Please note that this is not about Andrew or Amanda personally but their ABC and the “platform” they’ve built for Amanda. I know it’s almost impossible but if we could refrain from any personal issues and focus our discussion on the platform that is abcnews.go.com/Amanda I  believe we all might learn something about how NOT to put video online and hopefully ABC can make some improvements.

The ONLY thing I see ABC doing right is they have appeared to update the website with a url not just to iTunes but to the actuall RSS feed.
Which is great because the RSS feed is the ONLY way that’s even remotely plausable to acces amanda’s show on a regular basis. Not that one would until the horrendous advertising gets fixed.

I hope noone will mistake my bluntness for a lack of love. It’s quite the contrary. ABC insults us all of us as vloggers, as fans or would be fands of the Amanda show, and above all Amanda. It even insults Andrew and what he’s done with Rocketboom as it learns virtually nothing from what he accomplished.

I still get the feeling that ABC still things everything important is what happens IN the video, and that how the video is accessed and viewed on the web is completely inconsequential.


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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