Passion Consumer and Geek verses Nerd

In a comment to Jeremiah post on his web strategist blog (which is becoming a must read for marketing professionals) I respond about the concept that I’m developing called the ‘Passion Consumer’.

I think that Nick(who commented on Jeremiah’s post that geeks are the same as Passion Consumers)  is on to something there.  I was explaing to my son the other day (he’s 11)the same concept.  He asked if he was a geek?  I said there is a difference between a geek and a nerd.  My son is popular, plays sports, gets very good grades at school but is passionate about MMOGs particularly WoW.  I said that he’s a geek not a nerd.  I agree with Nick the term geeks is moving mainstream to talk about indepth expertise on any topic.   A nerd ..well that could be another post. 🙂

What do I mean by Passion Consumer.  I’m looking at this from a user behavior perspective on the network.  Passion Consumers are very geeky but my focus is on their consumption of advertising and marketing signals.  Passion Consumers don’t respond to mass advertising but instead they respond to new kinds of advertising –  ‘torso and long tail’ advertising.  Wait there isn’t any torso or long tail advertising.  There is only torso and long tail content. 

Here’s the value proposition of the Long Tail.  The content itself is the value.  The stories and the knowledge is the value.  The authoratitive subject matter expert is the value.

Passion Consumer have always existed but now  become relevant because of the Internet and the long tail effect.  For advertisers can now reach targeted, active, communities in a mass way.

Advertisers can reach Passion Consumers.  A recent example was CES.  At CES Seagate recently executed at the PodTech BlogHaus.  They reached Passion Consumers in video blogging, digital photography, and online press reporters.


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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