Demo 07 Day 1 – General Session 1 Demo 07

Demo 07 is in full swing to a packed house.  Robert Scoble has a great post about why Demo is so successful.  I agree with him and say that Demo is a community not just an event.  Chris Shipley and team add value to the VCs and entrepreneurs.  I had both a VC and an entrepreneur come up to me and say that Demo is invaluable. 

Demo started out last night with the standard kickoff reception.  We do have interviews from last night’s kickoff mixer.  I should get them up today.  The room was packed and hard to move around but I got some nice conversations.  PodTech also has their video team. 

Day 1 – General Session:  Sitting through the presentation we have some serious companies like Adobe launching big platforms to new ideas like embedding secret messages from Scram (not to be confused with spam).  Scram didn’t seem like a viable product but their platform was very impressive.  Personally my impression of Scram is that they add way more complexity for very little user experience upside.  Worklight is showing how users can have custom information from application in a google like presentation.   Worklight seems to be like a web 2.0 platform for the enterprise.   Now Symantec is presenting (disclosure: Symantec is a customer of PodTech).  Security 2.0 is what they are talking about.  Two key components:  1) identy and 2) reputation.  They are launching Norton Identiy Client.  At the opening mixer I had a candid podcast with Hans from the office of the CTO and Dor from Alcatel/Lucent. is a sleek high def player that runs on the mac and pc with a library of worldwide cinema.  I really like this company.  It is the birth of social cinema. 

I won’t be able to blog the second session due to some VC meetings.  For more info go to or technorati and search on Demo 07.

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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