Off to Boston for MIT Enterprise Forum’s Brave New Web

Update:  Jon Udell has a post about the session that he is moderating.  This should be a great event.  Some great names there with some good content on the agenda.

I’m flying out to give a keynote speech at the famed MIT Enterprise Forum and its’ Brave New Web conference.  MIT Enterprise Forum for decades has been at the center of entrepreneurship in New England.  From the organizers this event has 450 signups and should be a packed house.

This will be a nice trip for me since I started my first venture in Boston in 1997.  Boston’s startup scene has been getting slammed by industry insiders lately in that it used to be relevant.   In fact one Silicon Valley VC told me privately that San Diego for the first time outpaced VC investment over New England.   This bums me out since I know there is a culture in Boston for entrepreneurs but the money folks need to get their shit together.  My colleges both Northeastern University and Babson have a historic place in developing some of the biggest companies. 

My talk will be on Next Generation Media.  Fact is TV is losing big ground.

Liz Gannes from NewTeeVee reports today….”Frequent YouTube users said they are spending less time visiting other websites (36 percent) less time watching TV (32 percent), less time on email and other online social networking (20 percent), and, well, less time on just about everything else. “

The YouTube demographic tends young and male, with 76 percent of 18- to 24-year-old males having watched a video on the site and 41 percent visiting frequently.

Adam Thomas, media research manager at Informa, warned, …“With social change occurring on such a large scale, traditional media companies are being forced to change their behaviour and business models to adapt their offering to consumer demand. The challenge for the TV industry is to monetise this massive interest in online content.”

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

11 thoughts on “Off to Boston for MIT Enterprise Forum’s Brave New Web”

  1. Mr. Furrier, proabably don’t have time but while you’re there… you might ring up Ron Matros or Doug Brenhouse at MetaCarta (right off the MIT capmus) they’re doing AMAZING things with map based search on unstructured documents within the enterprise. Well funded by VC you’d recognize (Sevin Rosen, etc).

    Translated: if you want to find every document that has to do with “vineyard” within a specified area of a map… they’ll search all the documents in the corpus within that boundary with the word “vineyard” in them. Immediately jettisons all the crud and homes you right into what you’re interested in.

    And, you’re right! Boston area entrepreneurs are doing amazing things on tight, tight $$.

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