Steve Jobs is Everything 2.0

Steve still shines while saying FU to DRM.  Seeking Alpha has a good piece on it (their blog is really good).  Apple has been kicking so much ass lately that I wondered the other day if they were a web 2.0 company then I realized that they are a ‘Everything 2.0’ company.  Jobs architected one of the greatest combacks in corporate history with Apple dominating to the point where they are more relevant than Microsoft.  Hell Apple could give Google a run for their money.  More on how they can do that in another blog post.

Apple seems to be doing everything right: products, marketing, brand, …etc.  They even have Intel inside now.  Now the iphone.  What’s next?  Search engine?

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

One thought on “Steve Jobs is Everything 2.0”

  1. john: my guess is the integration of the tools on the laptop and desktop that will be incorporated in the phonetop – AND the very powerful Multitouch technology that is in the iPhone I think Steve’s stealth design is based on the convergence of these 3 desk/lap/mobilephone TOPS – otherwise the iPHone is too much money and too much function.

    Here’s an older post of mine on the subject:Thoughts Illustrated: iPhone redux – Ubiquitous computing or a Fashion Statement?

    and a quote from that post:

    “‘ In Silicon Valley…there is religion of sorts called ‘convergence’ . It is a belief that all media including TV viewing, movies, web surfing, telephoning, photos and reading will all collapse on to a small device that one can hold in one’s hand and even go to bed with. That device would consitute all the media you would ever need and there would only be one media.'”

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