Back from my trip to Naples Florida

Spent the past week in Naples Florida visiting my Dad and Mom.  I took the entire family to see my parents and to mainly support my dad who recently had the tough decision to have my mom live in an alzheimer’s home.  Alzheimer’s is a terrible illness.  It was good to have the family there to support my dad. 

The weather was good played lots of golf  and had a few nice days at the beach.  My son Alec played his first round of golf



Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

3 thoughts on “Back from my trip to Naples Florida”

  1. Hi John, My family has been faced with the exact situation, i live in naples also by the way. I would like to shed light about a very popular computer program which is backed by fortune 500 companies such as intel, dell, and Apple Inc. It is called Folding@home. You can find out about it here Basically it is a distributed computer client program that simulates the folding of protein structures to find out why proteins miss fold , such as the case with human proteins related to Alzheimer’s. I wanted to share this with you because i know how it is to have a parent with Alzheimer’s and realizing that there really is no solution as of yet. Knowing that with every simulated protein i fold on my computer i am helping to discover new possibilities and insight into this disease… that makes me feel like i am really doing everything i possibly can for my dad, and i will keep folding in memory of him.

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