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PodTech’s Business Model February 25, 2007

Posted by John in Technology.

There has been alot of blog talk about our lack of clarity on our business model.   In my opinion when a company spends all their time talking about their business model then they really don’t have a business model.  PodTech hasn’t been talking about our business model because we are out doing our business.  

Here it is:  we are a media network and the primary business model is funded by *advertising*.  That’s it folks.   

We have 37 full time employees and about a dozen contractors.  We have 12k sf of office space on Page Mill road in Palo Alto.  We raised $5 million in venture capital a year ago and have plenty left in the bank.  At the moment we have 36 advertisers and growing. 

I recently did a podcast with Businessweek’s Heather Green and I went into detail on the business and market.   

Update:  here is the link to the podcast.


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