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Microsoft Needs New Blood March 8, 2007

Posted by John in Technology.

Microsoft Search executive is leaving.   I’ve been following Microsoft’s search efforts closely since 1996 (history with IE3, my first startup, realnames,..etc) and they have never been able to put a string of successes together.  Since the DOJ verdict they have failed to organize around a cohesive plan to get a search effort going. 

Microsoft needs new blood.  Gates is saving the world and Balmer doesn’t seem hungry enough.  With all that money and market power it’s sad Microsoft doesn’t move fast. 

I write this post on a Sony Viao running Windows.  I’ve been a windows users ever since it’s inception, but now a Mac may be in my future very soon.  Microsoft better wake up and smell the coffee.


1. Scott Rose - March 12, 2007

You absolutely should make a Mac your next computer! And since you can still run Windows on it via Boot Camp or Parallels, it’s really a no-risk decision!

2. Jeremy Toeman’s LIVEdigitally » Blog Archive » The Next 8 Companies Microsoft Should Buy - May 22, 2007

[…] really enjoyed reading Thomas Hawk’s piece on turning MS around, and I agree with John Furrier that the company needs new blood.  I think the best move they can make is a sweeping series of acquisitions (one of the few times […]

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