Google Not Thinking Big Enough?

Here is a link to a Googler Insights by Marisa Mayer.  Is Google thinking big enough???  I’ve been thinking about Google lately and I have to say that it seem like they aren’t thinking big enough in their projects.  They already have Microsoft in their death grip so what do they do next?   Google is global and no longer about search. 

Google is crushing the market in technology and advertsing…but what about all the talent that they hired …All those Phds… Googleplex is buzzing with action…what will be the outcome.   Google has to be thinking way beyond adsense and adwords. 

What should they be thinking about and how big?  Take over the DNS servers around the world?  Develop the killer app for Clean Tech?   Integrate Google into clothes (love to see a Google line of clothes – forget Old Navy and GAP)?   Take over the cable companies and wireless providers?…

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

4 thoughts on “Google Not Thinking Big Enough?”

  1. Daniela,
    Google has to be completely focused on the enterprise for sure.. they are taking a strong approach in the enterprise

    Rick: I think that that might be too small for them unless it was a national or global brand… print is morphing to online and those offline franchises better be thinking of ways to integrate online…

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