Where Old & New Media Collide: PodTech, YouTube, Flickr & Photobucket, Twitter & Dodgeball, Digg & Technorati featured on Front Page of the SF Chronicle

PodTech is featured on the front page of the SF Chronicle paper from a story by Dan Frost.  Nice artilce Dan. 

Two worlds collided at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival this week. Online media of all sorts is coming of age, and the festival was one of its biggest defining moments. The event aims to bring together new technologies and their practitioners to spur innovation. While the mainstream press was barely present, the conference-cum-weeklong-party was more thoroughly reported on than some national political conventions.


Dan details the companies in the action….

These Bay Area companies are among the leaders in the new wave of new media.

PodTech: A Web site based in San Mateo offering professionally produced coverage of the tech world in audio and video. www.podtech.net

YouTube: A wildly popular site, now part of Google, that proved that users can upload their video to the Internet and find an audience. www.youtube.com

Flickr and Photobucket: Two of the most popular photo-sharing services online, focused less on printing out pictures and more on tagging them and sharing with friends. Flickr is owned by Yahoo. www.flickr.com and www.photobucket.com

Twitter and Dodgeball: Texting services that enable people to send short notes to friends, or tell them their whereabouts. Also good for spreading news in short bursts. Twitter is owned by Obvious Corp., and Dodgeball is owned by Google. www.twitter.com and www.dodgeball.com .

Digg and Technorati: Aggregation sites that help make sense of the online info-glut. Digg lets readers rate stories, so those with the most “digs” make it to the front page. Technorati scours and sorts the blogosphere, so readers can see who is saying what on various topics. www.digg.com and www.technorati.com

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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