Social Media Revolution for Marketers

At the web 2.0 expo Jeremiah Owyang of PodTech led a panel on Social Media.  He posts his obserations on his blog.  He highlights what happened and the benefits of Social Media for companies.   He writes…the benefits of Social Media:

1) Loud “viral” voice, great for marketing
2) Reaching influencers fast, cut out the middleman.
3) Listen: Keep your finger on the pulse of your community
4) Reduce your product requirements cycle: your community will help you shape your product in near real-time and build products they want.
5) Users will self-support each other, if given the opportunity
6) Speed to respond to product issues
7) Learn more about the marketplace, and competition
8) Build meaningful relationships, be more human
9) Leave a comment

 One of the things that Jememiah did that was compelling was live stream the conference from his perspective.  At one point he had more people on his live stream than the amount of people in the room.  This inclusive behavior increases the conversation and includes a global audience.  Can anyone say ‘daytime’ TV. 

The description of the panel was:

The Social Media Revolution: You Oughta Be in Pictures (and Podcasting, and Vlogging)

Jeremiah Owyang, Director of Corporate Media Strategy,
Thomas Hawk, Zooomr
Chris Pirillo, LockerGnome
Robert Scoble, PodTech  

Hear from some of the social media experts in our industry why online sharing is important. For those working in small businesses with limited budgets and time, maximizing your ablity to be heard and seen online is critical in the competitive Web 2.0 space.Key Learnings:

  • How can small businesses maximize their resources with Social Media
  • What’s worked and What’s not
  • Popular tools in today’s Social Media chest
  • Actionable next steps to get started

PodTech has been working with over 40 top corporate customers defining social media and deploying advertising solutions.  Jeremiah is fast becoming the authority in social media for corporations.  Congrats Jeremiah.


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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