Online publishing – the best way to go green

In todays New York Times Bob Tedeschi runs a story on how online publishers go green. It’s an interesting write up on how sites like Washington Posts newly launched (aimed at environmentally conscious women), National Geographic Societys new and independent site now are the place to be – both for readers and advertisers. All, of  course, in the after-waves of activist Al Gores success with lecture/movie/dvd An Inconvenient Truth.

For us at the subject is not new. We’re an online publisher and we’ve been covering clean tech and green issues for quiet some time now. We know that online publishing is the place to be when covering clean technology, green venture capital, alternative energy and environmental policies. Traditional media cannot serve the consumers need for indeepth coverage, sharing and engaging in conversations around the clock.

At Screenwerk Greg Sterling comments on traditional media versus online media in this contex. There are lots of interesting things about, he writes, “but the most interesting for purposes of this post is perhaps the fact that this is a newspaper publisher setting up an online only publication to expand into new markets and opportunities”.

Clean Tech crosses many beats. At PodTech we’re posting on new technology, food, alternative energy, cars and people.  We offer a platform for the fresh voices. Don’t miss,, Margot Gerritsens SmartEnergy and Matt Kellys The next gear. In the Web 2.0-world beeing a green activist doesn’t have to mean you’re eating lentils and wearing Birkenstock. It means you’re an active, sharing, knowledgeable,commenting citizen of the world we live in. It also means you can view something with critical eyes if necessary.

Kate Zimmerman has a thoughtful comment on that at SearchViews. In her post on green marketing trends she referrs to a critical story in last weeks Fast Company. A key passage goes: “Vanity Fair is doing it. The Week is doing it. Even Wal-Mart is doing it. Everyone is going green. So, here’s a riddle for you: When is green no longer green? Answer: When it’s a green marketing machine.”

New York Times on their end quote Josh Bernoff, an online media analyst with consulting firm Forrester Research, as saying :“If you looked at 10 new markets to go after right now, this would probably be close to the top, because the number of companies advertising green stuff will explode in the next couple of years.”

We notice that to. The companies go where the users are. But dont forget that users also provide content – and that most of them are very smart.

By John Furrier and Tina Magnergard Bjers

PS. We’re working on getting green policies at PodTech. And we wouldn’t mind getting the new green eco-Levis for company uniform.

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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