National Banana – Surely you understand Hollywood 2.0? Yes I do but don’t call me Shirley.

Surely you understand Hollywood 2.0?  Yes I do but don’t call me Shirley.  I’m excited to announce that Jerry Zucker and his new venture in Internet entertainment called National Banana is a new producer and content partner on the PodTech NetworkNational Banana is PodTech’s first featured comedy channel.  Hollywood film producer Jerry Zucker, known for his comedic, satirical motion pictures such as “Airplane” and “Naked Gun”, will now be bringing episodic, comedic clips and a new comedy community to the Web with PodTech’s platform.

Jerry Zucker is one of the most viral comedians, writers, producers, and directors of all time.  Few producers understand the human condition. “Airplane” and his other films are a great example of the short ‘bits’.  What’s our vector, Victor?  I believe that we are on a vector or at a seminal moment in the history of entertainment and the web.  Jerry and I have a shared vision that the Internet unleashes ideas, creativity, content, and community to mass audiences in a way that the ‘silver screen’ could not. 

Digital Entertainment at PodTech is a great addition to our existing technology content. National Banana is the beginning of our expansion into delivering more entertainment programming that users want to watch and share on the Internet. You will see more entertainment, consumer-focused content from content partners joining our Network over the next few weeks, as well as partnerships with some of technologies’ leading producers. 

Most people know of PodTech as a technology media company, and now millions more will know us for our comedy and digital entertainment.  PodTech is committed to delivering video programming to audiences around the world, and provide a new platform for the rapidly emerging media producers and advertisers.

Below is our joint press release that will go out Monday morning.

For Immediate Release  National Banana Announces Strategic Relationship with PodTech NetworkSanta Monica, CALIF- May 7, 2007- National Banana, another in a long line of Comedy wannabes trying desperately to succeed on the internet, today announced a strategic relationship with PodTech whereby will become the featured Comedy channel on the PodTech Network and PodTech will be a key syndication and distribution partner.According to Jerry Zucker, National Banana’s founder and chief creative officer, “This is not to embrace some vaguely Marxian mineral determinism––linking nations’ power to natural resources in a way that downplays factors such as religion, nationalism, or charismatic leadership.  What seems clear is that fuel has been one of several pivots that have invariably developed related infrastructures of corporate, governmental, and cultural commitment.”

John Furrier, CEO and Founder of PodTech added, “We are pleased that National Banana is joining our network of professional producers.  Most people think of us as just the leading online media network for technology and business, but actually we have the funniest, over the top, edgiest, open source, RSS, PGC, viral contextual behavioral media APIs, AJAX, Web 2.0 platform, next generation media mashup, social media optimization, disruptive emerging SEO, CPM, CPA, CPC, CPV, CPX advertising algorithms…and comedy.”

About National Banana:

National Banana is based in Santa Monica, California and is funded by US Venture Partners. We can be found at

About PodTech Network:

PodTech is the leading online video network featuring original technology and digital entertainment programming. PodTech’s media platform allows professional content producers to deliver their content to millions of people who can easily find, share, and interact with it. For advertisers, PodTech offers unique, highly contextual ways to reach and measure target audiences through the fastest growing, most viral medium of online video. PodTech has over 40 clients including advertisers such as IBM, Intel, Hewlett Packard, Seagate, and Symantec. Founded in 2005, PodTech Network is based in Palo Alto, California, and is funded by US Venture Partners and Venrock Associates. Visit for more information. 

Press Contacts:

For National Banana:

Anthony Bettencourt 

For PodTech Network:

Valerie Cunningham

(650) 814-7830


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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