PodTech + Mercury News = True

Today a new alliance between old and new media was formed. PodTech Network is proud to announce a partnership with San Jose Mercury News around the new weekly video show “Inside Silicon Valley”. Read the coverage in San Jose Mercury News here.

The show is hosted by veteran Mercury News technology journalist Michael Bazeley among others. It covers the latest technology news and innovations and is a complement to the Monday Technology section in Mercury News. PodTech is the distribution and advertising partner for the weekly podcast that will be posted every Monday at PodTech.net and at www.mercextra.com/video.

See the first post on Yahoo’s idea incubator Brickhouse here:

[podtech content=http://media1.podtech.net/media/2007/05/PID_011214/Podtech_Yahoo_Brickhouse.flv&postURL=http://www.podtech.net/home/tech/3008/inside-yahoos-brickhouse-with-bradley-horowitz&totalTime=894000&breadcrumb=2f2d66ec-113a-4af8-9a79-4e8f3247d4ed]
Pulitzer Prize-winning Mercury News has always been forward-thinking, smart and innovative. By putting their powerful brand in the arena of online video they once again show that they are one step ahead.

“The Mercury News is a leading brand that people know and trust. Its expansion into video represents the Mercury News’ innovation and leadership by incorporating the online video medium into its contend distribution and monetization strategy,” John Furrier, CEO and Founder of PodTech says adding that the show is “a great addition to our network of professional content producers”.

It is a fact that new media disrupts the business-model of the traditional newspaper. For example the classified ad – that used to be the bread and butter of a newspaper – migrate to sites like craigslist.org, ebay.com and monster.com. And the media-consumer of tomorrow wants to participate in conversations and add fuel to the stories covered. But we also know that trustworthy names/brands like San Jose Mercury News means a lot to it’s consumers/readers/audiences. Now is the time for “old media” to bridge over to the conversational online world of web 2.0 – just like San Jose Mercury News does.

Several bloggers commented on the new alliance today: “It’ll be interesting to watch how the Mercury News continues to change its business from a print-oriented one to one that’s more blog and multimedia focused,” Robert Scoble writes at Scobleizer. At Web Strategy by Jeremiah Jeremiah Owyang notes that The San Jose Mercury News realizes a new set of tools is available. “We welcome them to the distributed and two-way conversation,” he writes.

The future of media could be discussed for ever and ever. But one discussion I don’t wanna miss is – very timely – taking place tonight at Stanford University. Media-gurus like Bill Keller (Pulitzer Prize winner and Executive Editor of the New York Times), Gary Pruitt (CEO at The McClatchy Company), Marissa Mayer (VP at Google) and Harry Chandler (photgrapher and former executive at the Los Angeles Times) will try to answer if newspapers can survive in the new world of Journalism – i e in the age of bloggers and YouTube. Hope to see you there!

By Tina Magnergard Bjers




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