Facebook becoming the Social Network for Professionals? Loyalty, Trust, Convienence

Is Facebook becoming the social network for professionals?  I have been seeing alot of uptake by professionals on Facebook lately.  One of the things that is striking me in this trend is that blogging is hard for people who are busy so Facebook seems like a natural environment for the person who is busy.  It’s a classic case of crowsourcing that works for the user who isn’t on top of the blogging phenom. 

In October I wrote a post that was not talked about but I said that Facebook was more valuable than MySpace.  Why? Loyalty was my original point but now I would add that convienence to being part of a group and social media.  Face it blogging is hard to stay on top of.  Plus blogging isn’t help by the idoits out there like Nick Douglass of Valleywag who writes lies and passes them off as ‘matters of fact’.  Having a inaccurate and hurtful voice isn’t what blogging is about so amatuers like Nick Douglass will have a hard time surviving.  People want to be with and work with people that they know and trust.

Facebook will continue to add ‘cradlel to grave’ capabilities to extend their audiences.  Here are the stats on Facebook from Comscore.





Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

4 thoughts on “Facebook becoming the Social Network for Professionals? Loyalty, Trust, Convienence”

  1. I totally agree with you about Facebook. It is a valuable platform for people with a life. You had the right read on this. The issue that Facebook has is how it can grow and maintain that loyalty from college to adulthood.

    btw: I’ve been enjoying your blog so please post more. Thanks

  2. I really don’t like facebook because the UI is taylored for college kids and not for professionals. I see your point but Facebook could be just another flash in the pan. Valleywag is a trash publication and by not being accurate they lose all credibility. Trust is something they don’t have but it is a gossip rage so what do you expect.

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