TechOne Video with Sun Executives Doing a Chalk Talk – Bill Cate and Andy Bechtolsheim

This looks like a boring interview but anyone interested what SUN is up to needs to watch these videos.  Their top people outline their direction.  It’s rare to see SUN execs doing a chalk talk in front of the camera.   This video is Bill Cate head of Global Channels hosting a conversation roundtable with SUN leaders.  I would love to see Eric Schmidt comment on what SUN is up to lately.

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To me SUN has been a great brand that has completely gone ‘dark’.  Born out of Stanford roots and changing the computing landscape for decades with the first ‘real’ UNIX workstation SUN has alway in my mind been a tech leader.  Today they are in the shadows of an emerging enterprise computing paradigm.  Why? 

Why isn’t SUN dominating with all the talent that they have?

Why doesn’t anyone care about SUN?

Do their products suck or is open source killing them?

Is Google the next SUN in terms of computing?  Hell Google could build a supercomputer in the cloud in months that would kill SUN.  Eric Schmidt should know that. 

What is the SUN 2.0 strategy?

Here is another video that Steve Gillmor did (I’m sure he has an opinion).   Here Andy Bechtolsheim discusses the blade server platform.

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Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

2 thoughts on “TechOne Video with Sun Executives Doing a Chalk Talk – Bill Cate and Andy Bechtolsheim”

  1. I find the access to SUN facinating. Thanks for sharing it with me. It is very rare to get a view inside the company. They let you bring in a camera wow – nice job!

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