The Next Hot Area is Web 2.0 Media

Web 2.0 has been in the news for the past year mainly as cool (maybe not so viable) startups,  mashups, and ajax, but now it seems that media and infrastructure is the big area that everyone is driving toward.

Recent investments and exits by firms like Photobucket, Feedburner, and others (Stumbleupon .etc) have all the interests moving toward media and the services behind them.  While most VCs hunt for the big elephant (like the media the page view model) there are new emerging opportunities that are starting to show some light and it’s Web 2.0 media.  Will the VCs see it? 

With online advertising growing and changing look for web 2.0 media to be at the center of all of the big social networks.  It has been already validated MySpace – YouTube and now Facebook.  Look for big advertisers to buy trillions of impressions on Facebook for obscene amounts of money.  The real deal will be however connections.  How much are they worth?  What do advertisers want? What is the definition of advertising?  What is the definition of social media?  What is the user experience?  What role does software play?  What about computing and communications?  What about web services and artifical intelligence?  What about search and navigation?  Community? 

Too many questions. Where are the answers?  What are the next elephants that VCs will hunt down.

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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