New Media 2.0 Business Models – Full Time Employees and Talent

I want to comment on business models of new media.  Recently there has been alot of conversations about Irina Slutsky leaving PodTech.  I’d like to comment on this.  First Irina and Eddie Codel are great people who are pioneers in videoblogging sector.  I and PodTech value all the work that Eddie and Irina have done for the industry and for PodTech.  There is no debate on that.  GETV is a great program that is doing well with multiple producers and good geeky programming (always snarky).  I expect to see them do great and I’m happy to work with them on future projects and events when possible.  The Vloggies event was a watershed event for everyone involved and I’m glad to have developed that with the great team of talent that worked on that event.  Since the Vloggies the industry is growing and money is flowing into the sector.  What is the right business model for companies (networks) and emerging producers? 

Irina announced that she is no longer a full time employee at PodTech.  Many people are speculating on this.  Let me say that it has nothing to do with her success and talent.  PodTech runs a business that is doing well and our business model is consistent with the industry trends – funding full time employees who have business objectives and talent who have contracts to produce content.  In fact Eddie and Irina have all ownership of GETV back in their hands and Eddie produces a program under contract for PodTech (not full time employment) called LunchMeet.   This is best for all parties since this frees up Eddie and Irina to pursue multiple projects on multiple networks.  Irina has a multitude of opportunities given her talent.  Personally this is a better model for producers and talent.  Producers want to own their own work (other companies don’t take this approach).  Being a full time employee is difficult for producers (talent) because employee agreements are restrictive and state that all intellectual property developed by the talent is owned by the company that they work for during their employment.  That favors the company not the producers.   It was mention that PodTech is changing their focus.  In this growing and changing business companies have to focus on what’s best for the business.  PodTech doesn’t have a material change in focus other than we want producers to own their work and not be boxed into employment contracts.  This is a benefit to Irina and Eddie (and all producers).  I think that they understand this. 

To all the folks speculating on PodTech.  PodTech is growing month over month on all of our business metrics: revenue, downloads, client growth..etc. 

PodTech supports Eddie and Irina and as we continue to grow.  PodTech will continue to work with emerging independent producers.  It is my vision that producers themselves will grow from individual shows to social media networks from non-profit to for-profit.  This is a great opportunity for content developers.  PodTech has a business model that supports this trend and we will continue to align it with our profit objectives and with the goals of growing producers.  It is in this model that Eddie and Irina will thrive.  They have our support and hopefully support from the industry.


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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